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Become a Changemaker — Help Us Break the Cycle of Incarceration

Imagine a world where incarcerated individuals are left without guidance and support.

They remain trapped in a life of crime and incarceration , perpetuating a cycle that affects not only them but our society as a whole.

That’s exactly where Charles found himself

Nobody wants to spend their life in prison . But when that’s all you’ve seen and known, it can feel impossible to get out. Those of us looking on might be tempted to judge incarcerated individuals for not making better choices . Chances are, however, that we had people in our lives who showed us how to make healthy choices.

At New Horizons Ministries, we help break this cycle of incarceration by offering a powerful combination of discipleship and everyday mentorship. Our mission is to guide individuals on a path toward love, redemption, and a life filled with meaning and purpose. As a result, these individuals can make better choices going forward.

Three Decades of Helping to Change Lives

We’ve been dedicated to transforming lives affected by incarceration for over 30 years. Our approach combines faith , one-on-one mentorship, and practical life skills training to equip incarcerated individuals for a life of freedom. We believe that every individual, no matter their past, deserves a chance at a brighter future.

Here’s how we do it

  1. Personal Transformation Through Salvation:
    We present the truth of the Gospel through chaplaincy services, Bible studies, and special services.
  2. Discipleship Mentoring:
    We help inmates take their first steps in their newfound life with one-on-one mentoring sessions and weekend seminars.
  3. Transformed Lives Impacting Communities and Families:
    Whether in prison or out, the men and women who have matured in their walk with God make a difference where they are. Many are fathers or mothers who have a unique role to play in the spiritual lives of their children.

Become a Part of Transformation

Just as Charles’ life was a revolving door of crime and incarceration, many others find themselves stuck in the same cycle. But just as chaplains Matt and Ricky introduced him to a life free from crime, drugs, and violence, many others are finding freedom and healing in Jesus as our chaplains disciple them each week.

This kind of work takes a lot of time and money. We couldn’t do it without our donors ! They become changemakers by equipping our chaplains with the resources they need to best serve incarcerated individuals like Charles.

Do you want to become a changemaker? With your support, we can continue to unlock love and redemption behind bars, creating more stories like Charles’.

Donate now to help individuals like Charles find redemption and break free from the cycle of incarceration. Your contribution will make a profound difference, rewriting stories and building a brighter, more hopeful future .