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Financial Accountability

We make the most impact with every dollar donated.

Breaking the cycle of incarceration is a huge task. Our donors need to know their gift will help achieve that goal. We do our part by maintaining the highest levels of integrity in our finances.

Good stewardship practices guide how we make decisions. As Christians, we strive to make the most impact with the finances God entrusts to us. We do this by eliminating waste, preventing fraud, and seeking opportunities for improvement.

Donors are where the change starts.

People destined for a life of crime need intervention and care. Because donors fund our ministry, we can bring restoration to those people in the name of Jesus. Because people are willing to support ministry:

  • Children of incarcerated parents receive acceptance and community.
  • Adults who are in prison or leaving prison receive spiritual and practical guidance.

Financial accountability empowers our ministry.

New Horizons Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Being a non-profit requires us to use every donation for the benefit of those we help. This separates us from for-profit businesses in several ways:

  • Our revenue is not for the private benefit of any individual.
  • We are exempt from paying income taxes as an organization, so the money entrusted to us can make an even bigger impact.
  • Donors receive tax-deductible receipts. This allows them to increase their generosity without paying taxes on the donation.

We are accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). We meet or exceed their standards for accreditation in the following ways:

  • We clearly affirm a commitment to the evangelical Christian faith and prove that commitment through our actions.
  • An experienced Board with diverse skills governs our organization. The Board meets regularly to establish policy and review accomplishments.
  • We prepare complete and accurate financial statements. A certified public accountant and our board review these statements. Policies are in place which ensure we conduct our operations and use our resources responsibly and in accordance with laws and regulations. The policies take into account U.S. guidelines and Biblical ethics.
  • The ECFA receives a copy of our financial statements. They also have free access to financial information not included in the statements.
  • The Executive Director’s compensation is set in conformity with the ECFA’s policy.
  • When communicating with supporters, we provide truthful information. We aim to include any relevant information that is needed to prevent misconceptions.
  • When a donor designates a gift to a certain project, we use it only for that project.
  • Donors receive timely gift acknowledgments.
  • We never knowingly accept any gift that puts the well-being of the giver in jeopardy.
  • Staff involved with fundraising receive no compensation for how many donations they raise.

Clear expectations can give you confidence.

What happens to my donation?

Every donation goes to helping people affected by incarceration. You can choose which part of the ministry you want your gift to go to. 100% of your donation goes to ministry, because our thrift stores cover our administrative expenses.

How do your thrift stores help?

Our thrift stores generate enough revenue to cover our administrative expenses. This enables you to donate knowing your entire gift will directly help those we serve.

I’m already a donor. What are other ways I can help?

Thanks for being a committed member of our cause! There are so many other ways you can help.

  • Join our Prayer Champion email group. We send prayer requests around every two weeks or as needed.
  • Volunteer. There are many ways to help. A popular way supporters love to volunteer is by arranging a workgroup. Contact us to see how you can volunteer.
  • Host a fundraiser. You can share your excitement to help with your friends. Contact us to move the cause forward with your friend group.

How is my donation handled?

For checks and cash sent through the mail: When we see that your envelope contains a donation, we treat it with special care. It goes into a locked compartment as soon as possible. The locked compartment is only accessible by authorized staff. Once per week, two trained staff members itemize every donation collected. A trained staff member then enters the information into our donor management system. The staff member sends you an acknowledgment thanking you for your support. The donation along with the information about it is then transferred to the finance department. Your cash or check is then deposited into a secure bank account. It remains there until it is needed.

For online donations: Our donation processor sends your donation to a secure bank account. A staff member enters your donation information into our donor management system. The staff member sends you an acknowledgment thanking you for your support. The donation information is then transferred to the finance department. Your donation remains in the bank account until it is needed.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. We will send you a receipt for your gift. At the beginning of the year, we will send an additional year-end statement that includes all of the donations you made.

If there is inaccurate information on your receipt or statement, or if you did not receive one, please contact us. We are happy to make corrections and provide you with any necessary documentation.

Can I trust how you handle donor funds?

We are certified by the ECFA who is a recognized organization that audits ministries and churches for financial integrity. View the video below for more information on ECFA.