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Change a life forever. Become a foster parent.

Many foster children have experienced significant trauma and have special needs, but all deserve a secure and stable home where Christ-like love is demonstrated.

Every child deserves connection and security. By providing those two things, we can rescue children from the effects of separation and abuse.

You can make a difference in the life of a child! We’re looking for families that will open their homes to provide a safe, nurturing environment until the child is reunified with their biological family or another permanent option is identified.

“Every child deserves someone who loves them like crazy, celebrates them every day, and is their lifelong cheerleader.” – Madaleine Melcher 

Why Is Foster Care Important To Us?

We believe every child is a unique human soul who will live for eternity. We believe in the sacredness of human life and the value of raising children to know their worth and identity as God created them to be.

Since 1992, New Horizons has had Foster Parents providing quality care for children born to prisoners. In 2003, we were licensed to operate as a Child Placement Agency (CPA) to provide certified foster homes for the Department of Human Services (DHS) and incarcerated mothers.

What New Horizons Offers Foster Parents


Agency staff and community walk alongside foster families as they provide care for children.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training that meets state and New Horizons’ requirements.


Foster children’s medical and dental expenses are insured through Medicaid.

Monthly Stipend

Financial assistance to cover foster children’s basic needs.

New Horizons’ Expectations

  • Regular and active attendance at a Protestant or Anabaptist Church

  • Adherence to Colorado’s Rules & Regulations and New Horizons’ Policies & Procedures

  • A strong, healthy marriage

  • Willingness to develop a relationship with the child’s biological family recognizing that reunification is often the objective

The Certification Process

1 – Contact Us

Contact our team about your interest, and we will help answer any initial questions and provide next steps.

2 – Applications

Complete State and New Horizons applications, including 3 references.

3 – Background Checks

Comply with background checks for all adults in the household.

4 – Training

Complete 20 hours of Foster Parent Fundamental training, CPR & First Aid, and additional training. 

5 – Home Study

Participate in 4-5 interviews with a New Horizons’ worker to complete a SAFE Home Study.

6 – Inspection

A home safety inspections is performed by a New Horizons worker.

New Horizons Ministries has over twenty-five years of experience caring for children.

During those years, hundreds of children have been cared for, thousands of volunteers and donors have given generously, and millions of hours of connection and security have been provided to the children in our care.

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