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Yvette Released from Prison, Joins Re-Entry

Dec, 2023 | Prison Ministry, Re-Entry

Yvette made the decision to place her twins in our care while she was in prison, and they have been cared for by foster family Alvin and Wanda Zook while she was on her path towards release from prison. During her time in prison, Yvette had been steadfast in her commitment, attending weekly visits and engaging in bible studies. She has been open and receptive to the gospel, expressing a deep desire to learn more about Jesus and incorporate His teachings into her life.

Yvette was recently released from prison and joined our Re-Entry Program at New Horizons. Yvette is determined to break the cycle of incarceration and create a better future for herself and her twin sons, Marques and Marsellas.

We are excited for her future as she adjusts to life outside of prison, and we ask that you join us in prayer for Yvette. Release from prison can be an emotionally and spiritually intense time, so it is important that we surround her with prayer and support.