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People discover freedom from the destructive cycle of incarceration

Thousands are stuck in a cycle of incarceration. You can help them find their God-designed destiny by getting involved.

In Colorado, nearly 50% of everyone released from prison will return within three years.

Generational Cycle

Of Incarceration

Children with incarcerated parents are more likely to go to prison. It is a cycle that can continue for generations.

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This video was originally part of our Summer Impact Livestream. Learn more about our work with incarcerated women and their children here.

Stacie found herself in prison pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter and had to part from her soon after. Stacie’s life led her to prison, but she chose a better life for her child by choosing a life of true freedom.

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Individual Cycle

Of Incarceration

Nearly half of men and women leaving prison in Colorado will return within three years. This destructive personal cycle of crime and addiction is difficult to escape.

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This video was originally part of our Summer Impact Livestream. Learn more about our work in prison here.

Nate returned to gang life and cocaine addiction after being released from prison. Back in prison, he encountered Jesus. Hear his incredible story!

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Watch our interview with DOC Warden Romero

Recently we had the honor of conducting an interview with Department of Corrections Warden Michael Romero. He explains the cycle of incarceration and what he has been doing to help break it.

Through early childhood care and discipleship of inmates the cycle can be broken

Early Childhood

Prevent Children From Falling Into a Life of Crime

Children need connection and security. Healthy development during early childhood is essential for a successful life. We achieve that by providing Christ-centered homes for children born to incarcerated women. Our program provides:

  • A Christ-Centered Home
  • Connection with the Child’s Mother
  • Stable Relationships with Household Members
  • Emotional Security that Cannot be Taken for Granted

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In Prison

Transform the Lives of Prisoners

The cycle can be broken when men and women in prison find freedom in Christ. Their freedom keeps them and their families out of prison and in the life God built them for. This is done by providing:

  • Full-time Chaplaincy Services
  • Annual Seminars
  • Special Programs

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Leaving Prison

 Equip Women Leaving Prison

Women leaving prison can find help in our program to have a successful transition into society. They can use this opportunity as a starting point for a new life of freedom. Each woman leaving prison through our program gets:

  • Support for a Successful Reunification with Her Child
  • Direct Access to Caring Program Administrators
  • Practical Teaching on Parenting and Successful Living
  • Housing and Work in a Healthy Community

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Download and read about 4 common mistakes we should avoid with former prisoners

In this free guide you will learn:

  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries
  • 4 common questions to avoid asking
  • Practical ways to interact and build strong relationships

About New Horizons Ministries

Our chaplains are trained and certified by both the Department of Corrections and our own apprenticeship program.

Our financials are independently reviewed and certified by the ECFA & Guidestar.

We are certified by the State of Colorado as a Child Placement Agency.

Help someone caught in the cycle.

100% of your donation helps people break the cycle of incarceration and find their God-given destiny.

  • A gift to Child Care provides safety and connection to prepare children for a crime-free life.
  • A gift to Mom Care prepares mothers leaving prison for the responsibility of raising children and living in freedom.
  • A gift to the Prison Ministry directly impacts prisoners who need to be released from spiritual bondage and discipled in their walk with Jesus.
Charles Broke the Cycle

Charles Broke the Cycle

Become a Changemaker — Help Us Break the Cycle of IncarcerationImagine a world where incarcerated individuals are left without guidance and support. They remain trapped in a life of crime and incarceration , perpetuating a cycle that affects not only them but our...

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InsideOut Dad Class Graduation

We had the privilege of graduating eleven men in the fourth class of Inside Out Dads in Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility. Though this curriculum is not labeled as “Christian” due to the nature of the content, we have ample opportunity to share Christ and...

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Recent News:

  • Nine men were baptized in jail.
  • After three years of not playing sports in prison, we were able to have two events in July.
  • Workgroups from New Covenant and Canaan Fellowship provided valuable assistance throughout the ministry and thrift stores.

  • July 20-22 – The Board of Directors met in Colorado for annual on-site Board meetings.
  • July 8 – We held a Summer Party for children affected by incarceration.

  • July 7 – Ten young adults were baptized in YOS (Youthful Offender System.)
  • In June, we started leading Bible studies twice a month in Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility after being unable to since 2020.
  • On June 10 the Pueblo Thrift Store held its first 50% off open house sale since 2019.
  • Three workgroups from IN, WI, and PA provided valuable support throughout the ministry.
  • For the first time in eight years, volunteers were able to go into YOS (Youthful Offenders System).

  • Our doulas assisted an incarcerated woman give birth.