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Michael Healed

Apr, 2023 | Chaplaincy Program, Prison Ministry

I have known Michael for about six years. His emotional and physical health deteriorated over time. He suffered many seizures and two strokes. He was confined to a wheelchair for the past four years.

He attended our Bondage to Freedom seminar in January and experienced deep emotional healing. In February, went to a God Behind Bars church service, and the Spirit moved in his heart as he listened to the message about having faith to get through the fear of becoming the future you. After the service, another inmate asked him what Jesus said to the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda. Michael quoted, “Jesus said get up and walk.”

Immediately, Michael felt his legs strengthen. He unbuckled himself from his wheelchair and STOOD UP AND WALKED!!!

I went to the prison’s chapel the next week and saw him walking towards me at a brisk pace carrying a bag of books that must have weighed about ten pounds! Not only that, he started helping others by pushing their wheelchairs instead of being pushed around in his own wheelchair!

—Chaplain Abner King

Abner King and Michael