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Chaplain Mark Nissley Update – Bondage to Freedom, Living Room Singalong

Mar, 2023 | Chaplaincy Program, Prison Ministry

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Last month’s highlights included being part of the Bondage to Freedom seminar in prison, where we witnessed once again the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus in transforming lives. What a beautiful experience!

Ruth and I are currently on a “Living Room Singalong” trip doing a total of 10 Singalongs as well as spending 3 days in Florida, to celebrate our 43rd Anniversary. At these Singalongs, along with singing, we are able to share with folks the opportunities we have serving on the chaplain team at New Horizons. We believe that sharing what God is doing in the lives of prisoners, and our lives, will help others experience the freedom and power of God as well. We also hope the Singalongs will help raise awareness of the opportunities available at New Horizons. Thank you again for your support! God bless you!

—Chaplain Mark Nissley

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