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Youth Thrift Store Volunteer (Ascend)

Join our team to help break the cycle of incarceration by serving with other young adults in Kingdom work.

Ascend is our youth discipleship program that promotes healthy personal and spiritual growth in the lives of youth thrift store volunteers. You can expect to have intentional learning, life-changing interactions with mentors and peers, and meaningful opportunities to serve others.

You will experience:

  • A one-year program for youth ages 18+.
  • Living in a household with other young people.
  • Serving full-time at the New Horizons Thrift Store.

Receive biblical teaching and personal mentoring

Strengthening your relationship is vital to your effectiveness as an ambassador for God. During your time here you will engage in weekly group Bible studies, monthly One on One meetings, and classes every Tuesday afternoon with homework throughout the week. 

Work where you make a difference

Your ministry in the thrift store is two-fold. First, it provides vital income to the mission. Second, it gives you a chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the hundreds of customers who enter our doors each day. You will spend much of your time working in the thrift store, learning to work with other people and building your leadership skills.

Learn life skills by living with other young people

Your relationship with God directly impacts your relationship with other people.

Living in a house with other volunteers will give you prime opportunities to learn how to live in a tight-knit community in practical ways. Through working with, and spending evenings and weekends with other young people you will learn how to build healthy relationships that will last far beyond your year of service.


  • Minimum age: 18 (At the start of voluntary service)
  • Minimum commitment: 1 Year
  • Location: Volunteers must relocate to NHM dorms in Canon City, CO.
  • Support: Volunteers have basic living needs provided for and receive an allowance to cover additional expenses.
  • Policies: For a copy of applicable policies, please fill out the volunteer form below and ask your recruiter to send you a copy.

Take the first step

Send this completed form to start the application process. A New Horizons staff member will reach out within three business days to discuss your interest in joining our team.

A confirmation email will contain information about what to expect next.