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Son finds hope in Christ

May, 2023 | Chaplaincy Program, Prison Ministry

A young prisoner named Timothy* received a notice that his father’s health was declining rapidly. Timothy requested a chaplain to follow up with him. It was evident to the chaplain that his heart was hurting and he didn’t want to lose his father. Although he had despised his father’s faith all his life, his father’s comment, “It’s OK, I know I’m going to heaven” kept replaying in Timothy’s mind.

Initially, Timothy thought he would go to the chapel to honor his dad, but the next morning, he realized God wanted to do something in his own heart. When he spoke with the chaplain, he was ready surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

During their initial conversation, Timothy couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye to his father. However, he had another chance to talk to him before he passed. Even though his father was unable to speak, Timothy told him, “Dad, I’ll see you later,” and his father squeezed his brother’s hand as he heard Timothy’s voice. A few hours later, Timothy’s father passed away, but Timothy now has a faith and hope that he’s never had before.

*Name changed for privacy