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Men and women can discover freedom from the destructive cycle of incarceration.

Thousands of men and women are stuck in a cycle of incarceration. We break that cycle by discipling prisoners through programs and services that help them find the freedom to live their God-designed destiny.

Funding Opportunity: Chaplain Support

Chaplains enter prison daily to share Jesus with men and women in need of freedom. You can be the reason more prisoners get access to chaplains.

Donate to Provide Chaplaincy Services

Many prisoners feel stuck in a cycle that leads back to prison.

Unfortunately, most have only experienced a life of brokenness, addiction, and crime. They often feel like they have gone too far and there’s no way back, but we believe God is big enough to redeem their story no matter how big of a mess they’ve made.


The Three Stages of Transformation

Stage 1

Personal Transformation Through Salvation

Meaningful change starts with a relationship with God. It is an overflowing of that relationship that causes the change to happen. We present the truth of the Gospel through:

  • Chapel and Bible Study Services
  • Plays and Special Programs
  • Chaplaincy Services

Stage 2

Discipleship Mentoring

The deepest transformation seldom happens quickly. It requires choosing a better life and living it out. We help inmates take their first steps in their newfound life with:

  • Intensive Weekend Seminars
  • Private Mentoring Sessions
  • Teaching Biblical Principles

Stage 3

Changed Lives Impacting Communities and Families

Whether in prison or out, the men and women who have matured in their walk with God make a difference where they are. Many are fathers or mothers who have a unique role to play in the spiritual lives of their children.

Nate’s Story

Alcohol and drugs ruined Nate’s life, but God had a different plan.

Separated from his family and addicted to harmful substances, Nate hit rock bottom and went to prison. God used this time in prison to show Nate His unfailing love. Nate’s story will forever be different because of what happened to him in prison.

Watch the interview below to hear his incredible story.

You can be the key to success in a prisoner’s life.

It has never been easier to reach out and make a significant difference. Donate now to help a prisoner gain:

  • Spiritual freedom: living for Jesus is where true freedom is found.
  • Physical freedom: your donation goes to help prepare inmates for the real-world challenges they will face outside the prison walls.
  • Discipleship and one-on-one mentoring: our chaplains provide essential Christ-centered chaplaincy services for all inmates in prison.