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Party for Children Affected by Incarceration

Dec, 2022 | Children's Ministry, Gifts for Children

On Saturday, December 10, a group of volunteers, led by Darryl Swantz and Chaplain Abner King, organized a party for children affected by incarceration. The event, which was held at a church in Pueblo, was attended by twenty-one children, who were treated to a fun-filled day of activities and gifts.

The party began with a lunch, which was prepared and served by volunteers. Afterward, the children were given Christmas gifts that were provided by local donors, which they excitedly opened.

A young boy and friends opening a present.

The gifts were a welcome surprise for the children, who often don’t have many opportunities to receive presents and experience the joy of giving and receiving.

Young boy proudly showing the camera his gift of a soccer ball

In addition to the gifts, the party also featured fun and games, providing the children with a much-needed chance to let loose and have fun.

Family enjoying gifted toy monster trucks
Man and child playing with a gift doll and crib

The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of providing support and community for children affected by incarceration. One parent who attended the party was asked how to break the cycle of incarceration, and he pointed to the event as an example of how a supportive community can make a difference.

Overall, the party was a resounding success, bringing joy and happiness to the children who attended. It was a reminder of the power of community support and the importance of providing opportunities for children who are often overlooked and underserved.