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The mother-child bond can stay unbroken even in prison.

Mothers in prison need a safe, temporary home for their children and the skills to be successful parents outside of prison.

No one knows the feeling of uncertainty like an incarcerated, expectant mother.

“Who will care for my baby?”, “How will my baby know who their mother is?”, and “How will I survive the heartbreak of releasing my child?” are only a few of the many questions and fears that race through a mother’s mind in the months leading up to giving birth in prison. It is an excruciating time of intense stress.

Caring for the Child

A major part of what we offer the women in our program is caring for their children until the time is right to reunite them. Depending on the situation, the mother may not have any other option available that allows her to ever see her child again. To learn more, visit our Childcare page.

Mother and Child in Prison

Weekly Visits

Children know who their mother is. It is a God-given bond that our program keeps intact. Weekly visits are a highlight of the week for any mother in prison. It serves as a time for mothers to reconnect with their children and for us to connect with the mothers.

Pre-Visit Classes

Before each week’s visit between mothers and their children, we teach classes on the Bible, parenting, finance, and other essential skills. Our goal is to help the women in our program smoothly transition out of prison and have the essential skills for caring for their children.

Mother With Child


It is our goal to successfully reunify mothers with their children after prison. Our reunification process is based on over twenty-five years of experience and is designed to be as smooth as possible. The culmination of the reunification process is a prayer of blessing over the family.

Re-Entry Program

A major benefit we offer the women in our program is a re-entry service. If a mother chooses to participate in our Re-Entry program, she receives all the support she needs to care for her child while managing her own job and household.

Stacie’s Story

She had to say goodbye to her newborn child minutes after her birth.

Being a mom while in prison was tough, but Stacie received the support she needed to carry through.

Watch the interview below to hear her incredible story.

New Horizons Ministries has over twenty-five years of experience walking alongside incarcerated mothers.

We have been there to walk alongside hundreds of mothers. In the uncertainty, we provide a plan; in the heartbreak, we introduce the Great Comforter; and in the loneliness, we bring love.

You can help a woman in prison be a successful mother.

It has never been easier to help mothers in prison. Every penny of your gift goes to provide:

  • Weekly visits: keeping the sacred bond between mothers and their children.
  • Life skills classes: teaching parenting, finance, and spiritual subjects.
  • Re-Entry: success is maximized when mothers gradually become independent.