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Blaming God No Longer: Linda’s Story of Faith

Jan, 2024 | Chaplaincy Program, Prison Ministry

Donna Miller, an NHM chaplain at the county jail, met Linda in 2021. Through Donna’s guidance, Linda surrendered her life to Jesus and got baptized. Before her baptism, she gave this testimony of her journey of faith.

Growing up we went to church where I saw, felt, and knew the power of God. Mom brought us the Bible and tried raising us by its instruction, but she did not follow its teachings herself. She always had a new man, and we were constantly moving from state to state and switching schools. My sister and I endured all types of abuse from my mom’s partners. Her response to the abuse was to shut up, put up, and pray about it.

I grew to despise the name of Jesus. I hated the church and everyone who spoke of Him. I was determined to be self-reliant so I would never have to depend on or trust in men. This led me to becoming a witch. Despite my rebellious path, God intervened, pulling me back from a suicide attempt that left me angry and confused.

Even though I tried to stay away from God, He was always there, trying to speak to me. I didn’t understand Him at all and wanted nothing to do with Him. I had no hope in Him.

I started partying and sleeping around when I was only 14. When I was almost 16, I was sent back to Georgia from a battered women’s shelter, Suzie entered my sister and my lives. Suzie was hardworking, very human, loved God, and loved us unconditionally. We started going back to church and working hard and making good money. God was healing us.

Three years later, my twin sister died in a fire. I quit church, sold everything, and left the state. My marriage fell apart, and I returned to Suzie’s place. Suzie passed away four years later, and everything started going downhill. God sent messages through complete strangers telling me to turn my life to Him, but I resisted. I felt unable to change. I thought God wanted too much from me and I did not trust Him.

One night, I had a violent fight with my boyfriend which resulted in his death. This led to my imprisonment. In prison, I prayed for the desire to know, serve, and trust God. After I was released, I started to work, make good money, and prospered. I still was not ready to give up my will, and my pride hid itself in independence. I still did not see how much I needed God. My heart was empty, even though I should have been overjoyed.

Things began to change when I was pulled over while I was on my way to see my dad and I was arrested.

This time in jail I realized the futility of following my own will and I reached out and took God’s hand, surrendering my life to Him.

He began to reveal the lies the enemy had me believe and started peeling away layers of hurt, anger, and disappointment. God revealed all the grace and mercy He had given me throughout my life, how He had protected me and provided for me. Finally, everything clicked and shifted. Eventually, God’s desires became mine, and I continued to grow and learn about Him.

Linda with Chaplain Donna at her baptism in prison

I appreciate New Horizons Ministries for all the prayers and Bible studies materials. Ms. Donna, I can’t begin to thank you enough. You have been a great encouragement to me, I’ll never forget you. I’m so grateful for what God has done supernaturally through your obedience and your obedience and your gentle insistence. I am grateful and thankful for you guys. You may not feel you are getting through to others, but you are, and you do.

Christmas 2023, a year and a half after her baptism, Linda sent this thank-you card to NHM and Donna.

Happy holidays to all of you who are part of New Horizons Ministries! I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the guidance and deliverance I received through Ms. Donna while I was in jail in 2021 – 2022. It changed my life, especially spiritually.

The Lord has worked supernaturally throughout my life. I am working full-time, have an amazing home church, and was completely delivered from alcohol back in April. Special thanks to Ms. Donna and her husband for the work in jail. It is not in vain! God showed me so many truths and exposed the enemy’s lies through Ms. Donna’s ministries through Christ. Thank you!

Ms. Donna, you were an amazing vessel of the Lord. I thank you for all the deliverance meetings and prayers, breaking generational curses, etc. It was the start of my life in Christ.

Thank you all, my life was transformed, and I am here today delivered and in great joy! Special hugs to Mrs. Donna. May God continue to bless you all as you bless so many!