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Cris Released from Prison

Apr, 2023 | Doula Program, Prison Ministry, Re-Entry

Cris’ story is a testament to the hope that Jesus brings to those who are often left behind and forgotten. Last week, she was released from prison and entered our Re-Entry program where she now has the resources and guidance to successfully reunite with her child and reintegrate into society. 

While still in prison as an expectant mother, our doulas helped prepare her for the birth of her child. Throughout her entire birthing experience, she had experienced, competent women providing loving support in times when many women have limited support. At the same time while preparing for being released, our Mom Care team provided training on how to be a responsible parent and a productive member of society.

After her release last week, Cris moved into safe housing provided as a part of our Re-Entry program. Our program staff and local volunteers continue to work with her as she prepares to reunite with her child and graduate from the program.

By providing help like housing, education, and job training, women like Cris break the cycle of incarceration and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

But they can’t do it alone. The support Cris receives is made possible by the generosity of donors and volunteers who continue providing these crucial services. Whether through prayer, financial contributions, or joining our team, there are many ways for you to support this vital work and help women like Cris succeed.