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Chris Freed at Prison Seminar

Sep, 2023 | Chaplaincy Program, Prison Ministry

Several weeks ago, I met a man named Chris in the county jail at a Bondage to Freedom seminar. Early in the seminar there was an opportunity given for anyone who wanted to receive Christ and Chris put his hand in the air. When several of us met with him, it was clear he did not have a Christian background, but he was ready to turn to Jesus, so we prayed with him. Later he shared that he was forty-three and had been using drugs since he was fifteen. He had been in and out of prison many times. He expressed the peace and joy he now felt after he gave his life to Christ.  
Several days later, I was able to attend his baptism, as he and several others made a public commitment to Christ. As part of his testimony, he shared about the day of the seminar.  
“The day the volunteers were in for the seminar, I felt like they all saw me for who I really am, and they loved and accepted me. I am used to people grabbing their purses and turning away when they see me, but the volunteers and chaplain seem to genuinely care about me. The way I have been living my life clearly has not worked for me, and I want what you all have.” 
I do not know what Chris’ future holds, but his testimony is encouraging. I know that because the volunteers were faithful that day, Chris experienced the love of Jesus and it changed his life.