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Children in volatile situations are not forgotten.

Many children in volatile situations lack a trustworthy adult who can meet their emotional and physical needs. New Horizons steps up during moments of crisis to provide a safe environment so the child has the connection and security they need.

Crime, domestic violence, and incarceration significantly hinder healthy childhood development.

Every child deserves connection and security. By providing those two things, we can rescue children from the effects of separation and abuse.

Why Infant Care Matters

During their most formative years of development, children ask questions like “Is the world safe?” and “Can I trust people?” The worldview they form during this time will shape their entire future. It is during this stage that we provide stable relationships and safe homes for them.

Children Born to Incarcerated Mothers

The first-ever child to enter our care was born to an incarcerated woman. That was in 1992, and since then, we have cared for hundreds of children from similar situations. To learn more about how we help mothers in this situation, please visit our Mom’s Program page.

Children in At-Risk Situations

As a licensed Child Placement Agency, we are able to provide foster homes to children introduced to us through the Department of Human Services. These children often have histories of drugs, neglect, or abuse and need a safe home.

Foster Families

Our foster families benefit from being part of a community of families that support each other. We work closely with our foster families to provide the best support to them so they can provide the best environment for the children they care for.

You can make a difference in the lives of children!


You can get involved with providing children with the help they need by becoming a houseparent, nanny, or foster family. Start the process by requesting an application on our volunteer page.

New Horizons Ministries has over twenty-five years of experience caring for children.

During those years, hundreds of children have been cared for, thousands of volunteers and donors have given generously, and millions of hours of connection and security have been provided to the children in our care.

You can help provide connection and security to a child in a volatile situation.

Every penny donated goes to provide even more children with loving homes. Be the one who makes a difference in the next child’s life by providing:

  • The physical necessities: like diapers, formula, clothing, and housing.
  • Emotional connection: children in our care receive the highest quality of care for the deepest impact.
  • Felt security: more than the absence of abuse, felt security actively shapes a child’s perception of people and the world.