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Caring for Mallory — Child of an Incarcerated Mother

Sep, 2023 | Children's Ministry, Foster Care

We are Austin and Cara Weaver, and we have the privilege of taking care of Mallory. Her mother is incarcerated, and she has chosen to be a part of our program here. Fostering is so important to us because Mallory was in a situation out of her control. Our goal for foster care is to provide connection and stability for her and her family until her mom can establish that for her. 

It’s been exciting for us to have the opportunity to take Mallory to prison to visit her mom. Not many foster families get to interact that closely with the biological parent, so it is exciting to build that relationship with her now and continue it when she is released from prison. 

Before doing foster care, we often wondered how you could make a difference in a child this young. But there is so much happening psychologically in a child of this age. If we can teach Mallory that she can trust people and have healthy relationships, we know that will impact her life, even if she is reunified at a young age.