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Azaria is Born

Apr, 2023 | Children's Ministry, Doula Program, Foster Care

Azaria is a tiny, beautiful baby girl who was recently born to an incarcerated woman. Her arrival into the world was bittersweet, as her mother was unable to care for her due to her incarceration. Azaria was placed with a foster family from New Horizons, who are excited to provide her with the nurturing care that she needs during these early stages of her life.

Being born to a mother who is incarcerated can be a challenging start to life. The circumstances surrounding Azaria’s birth mean that she will face unique challenges during the early stages of her life. However, the connection and security she receives from her foster family will ensure she receives a beautiful start in life.

Azaria will have periodic two-hour visits with her mom. Azaria’s mom loves these visits and looks forward to the time of connection that she can have with her little girl.

While we are grateful for the willingness of our foster families to care for children who have a mother incarcerated, we are looking forward to the time when we will be able to re-open our Child Care houses to accommodate more children.

We are currently in need of Child Care Houseparents to support and mentor nannies, so we can take the next step in re-opening a Child Care house.