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Are you struggling to communicate effectively with people affected by incarceration?

Download this free 7-page guide

4 Common Mistakes People Make Relating with Those Who Have Been Incarcerated

Avoid these 4 mistakes and learn how to connect in a meaningful way with people who have been impacted by prison.

In this free guide you will learn:

  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries
  • 4 common questions to avoid asking
  • Practical ways to interact and build strong relationships

Provide ongoing discipleship and safe homes for people affected by prison.

You can join our community of monthly givers bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners caught in the cycle of incarceration.

Nearly 50% of men and women in Colorado will return to prison within three years of when they are released. Cycling in and out of prison has devastating effects on mental health and increases the risk of their children repeating the same cycle of addiction, crime, and prison.

You can join a community of people just like you that give whatever they can each month to provide for intervention and discipleship of these men, women and their children.